Innocare ES Regime

Environmental Sanitation Regime

Let Innocare support you in your business’s ES Regime plans.

Spatial Disinfection Service

Using our own Bio Clean ULV fogging technology and NEA-listed SaniPlus+ disinfecting solution, we ensure that your premises are clean and safe for usual operations. The following services are included in our thorough disinfection procedure.

  • Fogging/Misting of ceilings, and walls.
  • – Wipe down of high-touch points
  • – Air-Cleaning to mitigate COVID-19 aerosol transmission risk
  • Bio-Hazard Waste Disposal
  • – Disinfection Service Report

Periodic Cleaning Service

Our team of professional cleaners are familiar with cleaning premises frequented by young children and the elderly. With a keen eye to detail, our team ensures that your premises maintain high environmental hygiene standards, keeping it safe for daily operations.

  • Surface cleaning of hard to reach areas (i.e. ceiling, wall, fans, window grills, lights).
  • – Surface cleaning of high touch areas such as windows, door handles, tables & chairs, cabinets, shelves and hand railings.
  • – Mopping of floors.
  • – Cobwebbing of ceiling and corners.
  • – Scrubbing and cleaning of kitchen and toilets.

Hear from our customers

“Very well satisfied with the overall service rendered to us. They are friendly and service oriented who equipped me with the meticulous details about the sanitization service. Good Job & I would give a 5⭐.”

Josiah Montessori Kindergarten

“Innocare offers very professional and prompt deep cleaning services. The pricing is very reasonable too. We have been able to resume operations quickly with their quick services and reporting. We highly recommend them!”

Carpe diem springs

“Innocare did a wonderful job on the disinfectant service for our 2 offices. Even though it was so last minute, they understood the urgency and attended to our request. The disinfectant and wipe down were also done thoroughly.”

Dorcas home care services

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